To embody being CEO OF YOUR CAREER one key step is to ensure that you know how to step into career alignment.

Career Alignment comes with understanding your Core Values. We do this as business owners and corporations to set a standard and to agree on what matters.

As CEO OF YOUR CAREER, it is just as important to understand what your Core Values are and that you are honouring them in Your Career.

How does understanding your Core Values benefits you in your career and job search?

There is a multitude of benefits in knowing your Core Values to help enhance your career success.

☀️Knowing your Values helps you make clear decisions about opportunities in your career.

☀️Knowing your Values helps you find purpose. A job/career that feels purposeful to you.

☀️Knowing your Values helps you find a confident sense of self. This will help you navigate career changes & interview.

☀️Knowing your Values provides you with guiding principles on your behaviour. Also, what you should or should not accept from others. Important throughout your career.

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If you were a CEO of a Corporation it would be crazy to leave all the vision/strategy and actions up to someone else, wouldn’t it?

As the CEO OF YOUR CAREER, it is crazy to leave all
the above in the hands of a corporation/manager you are working for.
I am not suggesting to be an anarchist, what I am suggesting is that you still have a lot of choices.

Even when working for others, you can feel empowered by managing your mindset, speak up and express your desires & ask for help. Sometimes, you might need to leave an environment that can’t foster the above.

Do you have a Vision, Strategy, Support and Review of your Career?

Your Career can take lots of different turns, industry, public sector, volunteering, sabbaticals, MBA, own business. It is up to you to get empowered about designing your own career.

With Freedom being one of my key values I feel so
empowered and excited by being the CEO of MY CAREER.

For me at the moment, that is my own business and a portfolio career where I can have multiple streams of income. Where I can empower and support people in their own career transitions, work hours that fit with family life and post covid incorporating some family travel into our lifestyle. #futureofwork #careers

Use the STAR method to answer behavioural questions.

Situation - Paint the story/issue in a few lines. Example the business was losing money on a premium product

Task - What was your role? Example. My role as the Finance Business Partner reporting on this product was to analyse the costs of the product for review and provide recommendations to resolve the issue.

Action - How did you apply your skills in this situation. Example. I went through the product life cycle including packaging, manufacturing, supply chain, shelf life to determine what the costs to the business were and where we could possibly make some reductions.

Result - What was the outcome. Ideally, a positive one or a result providing commentary for the business to move forward with new information. Example - When doing my analysis and financial modelling on excel I found that some of our manufacturing and packaging costs were too high and we were able to negotiate more competitive terms with the manufacturer which in turn resulted in the product being highly profitable. If you can put figures or percentages in to add to your credibility.

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🌟 A client has two great job offers

🌟 A client is embarking on an exciting career pivot

🌟 A client decided not to take no reply as a NO. She took the tenacity and courage to connect with 3 of the hiring managers on LinkedIn and has 3 chats booked in for next week.

🌟 A client did really well at 2nd and 3rd interviews and awaiting feedback

🌟 A client is interviewing for their dream job this week

🌟 A client has got accepted into a prestigious Masters program

🌟Another client is starting their own consulting business

Amidst these tricky times, there is still much progress and positive moves happening.
I popped sunflowers into my favourite vase from Singapore to bask in their progress and appreciate the great work I get do in supporting my clients with their careers.
Who/What are you celebrating this week?
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1. A Career Coach can provide perspective. Stop that internal chatter and talk through your thoughts with a career coach who will ask questions and delve deeper to gain clarity.

2. A Career coach can meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be.

3. A Career Coach can support you with encouragement and inspiration. It is important to have someone in your corner in times of change.

4. Assisting in identifying and activating key strengths. So often we don’t realise our own value. We diminish the skills that come easily to us. These skills are often the area’s that other value highly.

5. Help you put together a practical and targeted job search strategy.

6. Provide you with the tools to get in front of potential hiring managers.

7. Help you articulate your Unique Value Proposition.

9. Empower you to align your values and needs with the purposeful work.

10. Keep you accountable, help you stay on track towards your goals.

11. Help you with a career pivot, recognising transferable skills and strategies forward.

There many more reasons, what comes up for you?

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1. Research company website and LinkedIn page. What are the key offerings? What are customers saying about the products/services?

2. Find out who is the CEO/ Founder. How long has the company been in trading?

3. Google the latest media on the company. It could be embarrassing at interview if you don’t know the company is about to IPO or in the news for being bought out by a multinational giant.

4. Social media posts – check out the company corporate blog or social media page to see how it interacts with the community and staff.

5. Check out the location, walk in the foyer and time your commute (assuming COVID work from home restrictions ease soon).

6. Look up the hiring managers LinkedIn Profile. Look at their career path and if they have any commonalities that you could build connection at interview.

7. The Team. Check out their LinkedIn profiles. Look at their career path, what is their longevity in the role.

8. Read annual reports if available. There is usually a letter from the chairperson which will give you an idea on how they plan to move forward.

9. Network. Find a past or present employee and get their down - low.
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I have been misaligned to my values and career at certain times in my life.

That feeling of being stuck, disconnected, and stunted is so disheartening.

I don’t want you to be sitting in that same space for long. Enjoying career and life, feeling connected and growth are so important to me.

My core values are freedom, connection and growth. I want this alignment of values for myself and I want this alignment in values for YOU.

We spend so many hours of our lives in our work so we really owe it to ourselves and our families, friends and the world to show up as our real authentic awesome self.

Navigating career change and growth can be daunting at times, please don’t resign yourself to a “this is just how it is mentality”.

Be brave, be excited for the future and propel your journey forward with the support of the Pursuit Career Coaching Package.

With over 20 years of experience in the careers space, I see daily the area’s where people get stuck, the mindset blocks, the misalignment to core values, lack of direction, lack of job strategy, and not understanding or articulating your own unique value proposition.

This is the stuff I love to help YOU work out. I can support and empower you through your career.

Clare Phelan empowers professionals who are in a career change and/or growth. Shoot us an email at or call 0407 803 095 now.

1. If you feel stuck or lacking control, accept this current reality: “This is where I am.” Understand that how you move forward is a choice and ask, “How can I make the most from it?”

2. Look to others. Acknowledge this path has been beautifully traversed by others. Know you are capable of successfully navigating the transition, too.

3. Shift your mindset. Remind yourself of the times you have been courageous, resourceful, felt “enough” and feel into those times. Move forward with a strong mindset knowing you can tap into your own history to find strength at any time.

4. When something doesn’t go as planned, practice self-compassion. Don’t define a No to the job application as a rejection define is as redirection.

5. Recognise and acknowledge your disappointment. Ask what you have learned and could do differently?

6. Reach out for support. Get connected, Search the internet, talk to your network, and hire a coach.

When we are honest about our situation, recognise what we can control, call in support, and step forward with curiosity, we can build resilience and success.

Clare Phelan empowers professionals who are in a career change and/or growth. Shoot us an email at or call 0407 803 095 now.

You are not alone. There is a lot of dramatic shifting going on and it is natural to be scared of the rug being pulled from below you. Instead of feeding the feelings of fear and of lack of control you can move forward with steps.

8 Steps that can help you feel empowered and supported by your own resourcefulness and inner strength.

1. Get reconnected to your role. Remind yourself what is the purpose of your role, What is the value you offer to your team, business and customers. Feel energised by committing to adding value each and every day in every interaction.

2. Do an energy audit. Look around you and see who in your workplace and social space are people that are raising the vibration, doing great work and cheering you on. Be part of that energy as it is contagious.

3. Ask your manager or a person of credibility in your workplace how can you develop. Both soft/technical skills.

4. Be more visible across the organisation. Engage up/down and across functions.

5. Revamp your Linkedin Profile.

6. Redo your resume.

7. Build relationships with recruiters in your space.

8. Call Clare Phelan to book in your career coaching 0407 803 095.

1. Take some time to reflect on what motivates you. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Make sure that what motivates you is aligned to the opportunities you are applying for. If there is a really big mismatch between the two, you should probably rethink your approach.

2. Research great companies you would like to work for and look at recent media articles & blog posts.

3. Ask yourself what do you know about the roles you are applying for and what do you need to know? Take action.

4. Use a job search template to document, emails sent, resumes sent, follow-ups & meetings

5. Get an accountability buddy and meet over zoom or in person once or twice a week to share goals and actions taken.

6. Block time in your diary for online research, applying for roles, networking & interview preparation.

7. Block time in your diary for exercise – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

8. Utilise your networks. Find allies and ambassadors -people that will introduce you to others and promote you.

9. Be kind to yourself. Bring your emotions to your awareness and sit with them as you would sit with a friend.


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