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⮞ Pursuit Consulting  provides Career Coaching Services that support and empowers professionals going through a career change. This might look like support for your personal branding, alignment with your career, post redundancy support, job search strategies and strengths identification and activation. We meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be. We are passionate about playing a integral role in your transformative journey and genuinely wish to provide client experiences that make you heard, supported and wowed with the results and level of service.

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Are you feeling restless in your current job? Do you need a new direction but don’t know which way to turn? Are you ready to develop and raise your personal brand?

Professional career coaching can deliver objective insights, external evaluation and spark rewarding career opportunities.

We have been in the recruitment space for years. When combined with our career coaching expertise, we provide unique insight and a rare skill set for cultivating and placing talent. This amalgamation enables us to perfectly hone your focus, craft your pitch, and perform flawlessly in written and face to face communication and interviews. We can:

►Review and improve your resume
►Help you use Linkedin effectively for job search and personal branding.
►Determine if your profile is working for or against you
►Provide targeted feedback to get you noticed and employed
►New to LinkedIn? We will set up a new profile so you present as professional, experienced and attract appropriate employers
►Share powerful job search strategies
►Evaluate and identify your strengths
►Provide career transition guidance
►Supply deep insights into the recruitment process to empower you to excel (this, alone, is like owning the secret code to open the employment door)
►Guide and prepare you for potential new and exciting career pathways
►Introduce you to the people who matter
►Help you through the process of career transition.




Do you need to find incredible talent?

Our deep networks and recruitment expertise enable us to offer our clients the competitive edge when searching for permanent and contract solutions. With over 18 years of experience in this space we already know many of the talented candidates

Our expertise includes:

✔Finance & Operations including:

✔All roles in the corporate function ranging from administration/executive assistant to a CFO/COO including:

For smaller businesses we recruit across functions partnering with you to find the best talent from your pivotal front of house roles up to CFO and COO’s.

We can provide the full recruitment process, or the sections of this process that are important for your business, including:

►Salary Surveying
►Mapping Services
►Reference Checking
►Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment Advertising – it is important that your employee brand is congruent, genuine and reflective of the heart and soul of your business. We keep this in mind when finding the perfect candidates for your company.



Enjoying ourselves in our career and life, feeling connected and growing are so important to me. My core values are freedom, connection and growth. I want this alignment of values for myself and I want this for YOU.
I have been misaligned to my values and career at certain times in my life and that feeling of being stuck, disconnected, and stunted is so disheartening and I don’t want you be sitting in that same space. We spend so many hours of our lives in our work so we really owe it to ourselves and our families, friends and the world to show up as our real authentic awesome self.
Navigating career change and growth can be daunting at times, please don’t resign yourself to a “this is just how it is mentality”. Be brave, be excited for the future and propel your journey forward with the support of the Pursuit Career Coaching Package. With over 20 years of experience in the careers space (executive search/recruitment, personal/employer branding, operational management)
I see daily the area’s where people get stuck, the mindset blocks, the misalignment to core values, lack of direction, lack of strategy, and not understanding or articulating your own unique value proposition.
This is the stuff I love to help YOU work out and empower you through career change and growth.



Contact us at clare@pursuitconsulting.com.au or give us a call on 0407 803 095. You can also use the form below.