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Hi there, I’m Clare Phelan, the Owner and Director of Pursuit Consulting and the career coach here to help you be the CEO of your career!

For me, I stand for the pure enjoyment we get from our career and life. I stand for the ability to feel connected and to have that deep sense of growth no matter what stage of your career you are in.

How I see it is, it comes down to those personal values, but I haven’t always been aligned with my values and even my career at certain times in my life. I have experienced those feels of being stuck, feeling disconnected and this is all very disheartening – but I worked on a way to feel truly fulfilled and free in what I do for a living. As we know, this can reflect our personal lives too.

I’m not your typical Career Coach.

I am not just here to fix your resume and send you on your way. I am here to support you along the journey. With over 20 years of experience in the careers space (executive search/recruitment, personal/employer branding, operational management – just to name a few), I have been on the other side. I have been the person hiring you. 

I know what it takes to not only get your dream job, but to be the CEO of your career. To take control and lead on your own terms.

I help guide professionals with a level of authenticity to empower them to be authentic as well. I value empathy because I believe we must be in it together rather than me just guiding you without understanding. We work on trust because you need to trust my guidance and we both want to trust the process. I help support you through this challenge and we do this with a level of openness while still maintaining your integrity (or the integrity of your business).

Clare has been recognized as one of the Top Executive Career Coaches by Coach Foundation

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More on Pursuit Consulting

Forming in 2013 – initially Pursuit Consulting was an executive search business hiring senior leaders/executives across Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane was predominantly for big corporates. As I continued in my business I found the partnership I had with the small to medium companies more rewarding.

I was meeting a lot of professionals that felt stuck, disheartened, soul destroyed, discontented but felt they didn’t know the way forward. When interviewing these candidates often they weren’t even interested in the jobs they were interviewing for. It was more that they were running from something, but didn’t know what to run towards and or even if it was possible to dream big and actualise these dreams. I would always encourage them to listen to their heart and honour their needs but at the time my focus was to find the right candidate for the client.

I also found it emotionally draining rejecting so many people through the hiring process, and not having the opportunity to help them move forward. Hence why I decided to also lean into my passion, which was helping a greater amount of people find career alignment joy.

Shining the light on what people needed to recognise in themselves and helping them articulate the value they can offer.

It is all about authenticity, innovation and really helping people find the tools/resources within to continue to help themselves and others – it is all about the domino effect.

Navigating career change and growth can be daunting at times, please don’t resign yourself to a “this is just how it is mentality”. Be brave, be excited for the future and propel your journey forward with the support of the Pursuit Career Coaching Packages.

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More about your Coach

What about the woman behind the career coaching? Well this is what you get from me, Clare.

I want you to know a few things about me:

  • That I have felt stuck and discontented in my career previously, bu realised that you don’t have to stay in that thinking
  • That I am not judgemental, that I will meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be
  • That I will challenge you some of the time
  • That I will listen with my whole self and honour the coaching relationship

What I also want you to know is, I LOVE travelling, I had my first solo trip where I met lots of friends at 18 and then at 21 headed off for two years overseas by myself and made great friends along the way. And continued that passion throughout my adult life.

I am now in my 40’s and have two amazing kids and live with my wonderful husband in Melbourne. I love hanging out with my family, bike riding to parks along the river, gardening, growing veggies and fruit and seeing the kids pick and eat our own produce and then making great food with it. I love my family time but also love having a career that is full of passion and purpose.

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