You might be sipping a Mai Tai in Hawaii or skiing in Colorado, but your LinkedIn Profile is open for business.

The information you share on this platform speaks to your credibility, value and appeal. A great, full bodied LinkedIn profile has the potential to open up many job prospects, business opportunities, speaking possibilities and connect you with excellent communities of like-minded souls. A poor profile can slam doors shut before you’ve even peered in.

In 2019, our online presence precedes us. Even when you are not actively looking for a job, recruiters and employers are continually searching for great talent via keyword searches on LinkedIn. What impression are you providing?

Do you want someone's first impression of you to be an incomplete, ill-considered LinkedIn profile? One that doesn’t include an engaging, professional photo or that lists your current job as one you left 12 months earlier?

I know creating a well formed LinkedIn profile can feel like a drag. If you don’t like self-promotion, you may feel apprehensive and wonder, “Is this really necessary?” But, a little effort and consideration can deliver life changing results. A great profile will work for you 24/7 and every day of the year.

If you’re a startup looking for funding, this is crucial. Funders often investigate a business on LinkedIn first. A half-baked profile with no reference to the enterprise seeking financial support is a serious red flag.

Now and into the future, employers, recruiters, and investors will first ‘meet’ you online. Regardless of your whereabouts, whether you are working, sipping cocktails, or fast asleep, that initial impression ought to be considered, thorough and professional. Without this, a second connection is unlikely. Update your LinkedIn Profile and allow visitors a sneak peek into your story, and the value you add to the business community.

When completing your LinkedIn profile, think about it from the point of view of the person you most wish to connect with and impress. What will recruiters, employers, investors and other businesses want to know about you? What will spark their curiosity to further this initial encounter?

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