To embody being CEO OF YOUR CAREER one key step is to ensure that you know how to step into career alignment.

Career Alignment comes with understanding your Core Values. We do this as business owners and corporations to set a standard and to agree on what matters.

As CEO OF YOUR CAREER, it is just as important to understand what your Core Values are and that you are honouring them in Your Career.

How does understanding your Core Values benefits you in your career and job search?

There is a multitude of benefits in knowing your Core Values to help enhance your career success.

☀️Knowing your Values helps you make clear decisions about opportunities in your career.

☀️Knowing your Values helps you find purpose. A job/career that feels purposeful to you.

☀️Knowing your Values helps you find a confident sense of self. This will help you navigate career changes & interview.

☀️Knowing your Values provides you with guiding principles on your behaviour. Also, what you should or should not accept from others. Important throughout your career.

Are committed to taking action today? If so, I have put together an amazing FREE workbook for you. You can access the link here.

If you were a CEO of a Corporation it would be crazy to leave all the vision/strategy and actions up to someone else, wouldn’t it?

As the CEO OF YOUR CAREER, it is crazy to leave all
the above in the hands of a corporation/manager you are working for.
I am not suggesting to be an anarchist, what I am suggesting is that you still have a lot of choices.

Even when working for others, you can feel empowered by managing your mindset, speak up and express your desires & ask for help. Sometimes, you might need to leave an environment that can’t foster the above.

Do you have a Vision, Strategy, Support and Review of your Career?

Your Career can take lots of different turns, industry, public sector, volunteering, sabbaticals, MBA, own business. It is up to you to get empowered about designing your own career.

With Freedom being one of my key values I feel so
empowered and excited by being the CEO of MY CAREER.

For me at the moment, that is my own business and a portfolio career where I can have multiple streams of income. Where I can empower and support people in their own career transitions, work hours that fit with family life and post covid incorporating some family travel into our lifestyle. #futureofwork #careers