Use the STAR method to answer behavioural questions.

Situation - Paint the story/issue in a few lines. Example the business was losing money on a premium product

Task - What was your role? Example. My role as the Finance Business Partner reporting on this product was to analyse the costs of the product for review and provide recommendations to resolve the issue.

Action - How did you apply your skills in this situation. Example. I went through the product life cycle including packaging, manufacturing, supply chain, shelf life to determine what the costs to the business were and where we could possibly make some reductions.

Result - What was the outcome. Ideally, a positive one or a result providing commentary for the business to move forward with new information. Example - When doing my analysis and financial modelling on excel I found that some of our manufacturing and packaging costs were too high and we were able to negotiate more competitive terms with the manufacturer which in turn resulted in the product being highly profitable. If you can put figures or percentages in to add to your credibility.

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🌟 A client has two great job offers

🌟 A client is embarking on an exciting career pivot

🌟 A client decided not to take no reply as a NO. She took the tenacity and courage to connect with 3 of the hiring managers on LinkedIn and has 3 chats booked in for next week.

🌟 A client did really well at 2nd and 3rd interviews and awaiting feedback

🌟 A client is interviewing for their dream job this week

🌟 A client has got accepted into a prestigious Masters program

🌟Another client is starting their own consulting business

Amidst these tricky times, there is still much progress and positive moves happening.
I popped sunflowers into my favourite vase from Singapore to bask in their progress and appreciate the great work I get do in supporting my clients with their careers.
Who/What are you celebrating this week?
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