🌟 A client has two great job offers

🌟 A client is embarking on an exciting career pivot

🌟 A client decided not to take no reply as a NO. She took the tenacity and courage to connect with 3 of the hiring managers on LinkedIn and has 3 chats booked in for next week.

🌟 A client did really well at 2nd and 3rd interviews and awaiting feedback

🌟 A client is interviewing for their dream job this week

🌟 A client has got accepted into a prestigious Masters program

🌟Another client is starting their own consulting business

Amidst these tricky times, there is still much progress and positive moves happening.
I popped sunflowers into my favourite vase from Singapore to bask in their progress and appreciate the great work I get do in supporting my clients with their careers.
Who/What are you celebrating this week?
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