Sorry, we went with a candidate who has more relevant experience.”

This simple statement can diminish your confidence and strip the momentum from your job search.

It can, in essence, take the wind from your sails.

We, humans, intimately feel the ups and downs of life, including when seeking employment. Life can be a rough playground; we can feel sadness and rejection when it doesn’t go according to plan. But we also possess an incredible resilience, a buoyant inner elasticity that helps us bounce back from setbacks.

Instead of focusing on “failure”, missing out on a position allows you to deepen your internal fortitude and practice rebounding.

Here are 7 tips for bouncing back better than before:

1. Take time out to recharge your energy.

2. Always have several irons in the fire. Focusing on one job only is like pouring all your funds into a single stock; ill-advised.

3. Reflect on the interview process objectively. What went well? Where could you improve? Ask the interviewer or interviewers for feedback.

4. Plan. With your reflections in mind sit quietly and plan where you may possibly improve. Write down how you could consider, approach, answer differently in your next interview.

5. Practice altruism. Kindness and compassion shift us into positive and expansive energy. This has extensive effects on our neurology. Write a testimonial for someone you know is in the job market. Connect two people in your network who may benefit from each other’s experience or expertise. Provide mentoring to someone who wishes to develop a trait or skill you possess.

6. Move. Exercise triggers calmative endorphins, elevates mood, sharpens cognitive skills, memory and learning. Plus, it just feels good! Choose an activity you enjoy dancing, walking, running, cycling, golf, resistance training, yoga etc.

7. Remember: Rejection is just redirection. It’s an opportunity to re-stock, reconsider and refine your approach.

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