The Career Coach here to help professionals in career transition and to cultivate the change to feel supported and empowered to be the CEO of THEIR CAREER.

Welcome to Pursuit Consulting! Hi, I’m Clare, the founder of this tailored career coaching service that is here to help you design your own career while feeling optimistic, inspired, calm, confident and free!

What can we do for you?

We hear you. There is a level of feeling “stuck” in your career. Do you say to yourself often “it has to be better than this?” Or “I deserve more”. Taking that next step is a challenge and it can be so much more enjoyable and targeted when you have the right support. With the right level of guidance to coach you on how to tap into your own resourcefulness, belief system, develop a tactical toolkit and brand to create true career alignment.

Career coaching isn’t just limited to one element of your career. The elements of coaching can be personal branding, alignment with your career, redundancy support, job searching strategies, leadership with purpose as well as strength identification and activation. We are passionate about helping you on a transformational journey to be the CEO of your Career and we do this by helping you feel heard and supported.

Or yes, hello to the companies looking to support the team. Maybe you are going through a tough time with redundancies or are looking to invest in your team? We are also here to help!

How can we serve you?

Are you an individual or a company who are looking to support your team members? Let us support you along the transition.

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LinkedIn Optimisation

Are you not sure if you want coaching? I can also help you with LinkedIn Optimisation. This is a package where I help optimise LinkedIn profiles through a 1:1 Zoom session, work on your LinkedIn profile and strategy and provide a workbook to guide and support you!

LinkedIn All Stars Webinar

Maybe you want to support your team members at a broader level? My LinkedIn Webinar is here to help teams become more visible on LinkedIn for all the right reasons.


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