I have been misaligned to my values and career at certain times in my life.

That feeling of being stuck, disconnected, and stunted is so disheartening.

I don’t want you to be sitting in that same space for long. Enjoying career and life, feeling connected and growth are so important to me.

My core values are freedom, connection and growth. I want this alignment of values for myself and I want this alignment in values for YOU.

We spend so many hours of our lives in our work so we really owe it to ourselves and our families, friends and the world to show up as our real authentic awesome self.

Navigating career change and growth can be daunting at times, please don’t resign yourself to a “this is just how it is mentality”.

Be brave, be excited for the future and propel your journey forward with the support of the Pursuit Career Coaching Package.

With over 20 years of experience in the careers space, I see daily the area’s where people get stuck, the mindset blocks, the misalignment to core values, lack of direction, lack of job strategy, and not understanding or articulating your own unique value proposition.

This is the stuff I love to help YOU work out. I can support and empower you through your career.

Clare Phelan empowers professionals who are in a career change and/or growth. Shoot us an email at clare@www1.pursuitconsulting.com.au or call 0407 803 095 now.

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