Last week, a client I was coaching displayed an amazing example of resilience that I wanted to share with you. Unfortunately, he was told his role was redundant. He was, of course, disappointed and shaken. How he chose to address this situation and the impact on himself and his family was inspiring.

The day after receiving this news, Tom Keenan took decisive action. He organised a letterbox drop in his local area selling his gardening expertise. He landed jobs immediately. Then, as a united front, he and his wife set up a side hustle: creating and selling cotton face masks. His wife would manage the design and production, and he would handle the packaging and marketing. Both initiatives are already bringing in an income, while he applies for new senior-level roles.

I commented to him that I was inspired by the way he was addressing this unnerving, sudden employment situation. He said, “My wife and I really want to model to our kids that, whatever the situation, we need to remain engaged. How we move forward might look different in the short term, but there are always ways.”

I felt chills when he said that. I could visualise his children learning this valuable life lesson from their parents. I know how powerful this example will be when they, too, face obstacles in their future.

This made me rethink our current global Covid-19 experience. What do we want our kids and our students to remember about how we tackled these uncertain times? What do we wish to model, so that those who look up to us can use our responses as a resource when future uncertainties inevitably strike?

I was coaching Tom who was on an outplacement program via Choice Career Services.

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