It is sooo overwhelming. I have felt my coachees despair as they rattle off the huge numbers that are applying for the same roles.

This is the time to quieten the mind to all the market noise. Its time to get really clear on your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Your UVP should be the core of your Career Strategy.

It is what sets you apart from your competitors and what attracts hiring managers to make you the offer.

You can develop a powerful Unique Value Proposition by asking yourself these questions?

1. What are your skills/expertise that always praised? What have employers thanked you for?

2. What are some examples of how you have helped your company move forward? What initiatives have you developed that another area/company could benefit from?

3. Identify and articulate your strengths. They are often the things that come easily to you and make you feel energised.

4. What adjectives have your past employers used to describe you?

Tie the above answers to your target position/company.

This is your Unique Value Proposition. It should be apparent on your resume in your Professional Summary, LinkedIn Profile, with your networks & at Interview.

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