1. Take some time to reflect on what motivates you. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Make sure that what motivates you is aligned to the opportunities you are applying for. If there is a really big mismatch between the two, you should probably rethink your approach.

2. Research great companies you would like to work for and look at recent media articles & blog posts.

3. Ask yourself what do you know about the roles you are applying for and what do you need to know? Take action.

4. Use a job search template to document, emails sent, resumes sent, follow-ups & meetings

5. Get an accountability buddy and meet over zoom or in person once or twice a week to share goals and actions taken.

6. Block time in your diary for online research, applying for roles, networking & interview preparation.

7. Block time in your diary for exercise – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

8. Utilise your networks. Find allies and ambassadors -people that will introduce you to others and promote you.

9. Be kind to yourself. Bring your emotions to your awareness and sit with them as you would sit with a friend.


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