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One-on-one Career Coaching



● Are you worried how you can stand above the crowd amongst all the COVID noise and get noticed for all the right things?

● Do you want help accessing the hidden job market and strategies to empower you through your job search?

● Do you need a new direction but don’t know which direction to turn?

● Would a professional, external evaluation of your soft skills help to prepare you for career advancement or adjustment?

● Do you need help developing your Unique Value Proposition

● Would you like help with optimizing and improving your resume and LinkedIn Profile?

● Are you ready to plan and take ownership of your career?



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The Pursuit Coaching Package



➭What to expect

We sometimes get asked, ‘What will our career coaching sessions look like?’ Initially, we will explore and define what you want from coaching to set the
framework for your success. In the 1st session we will deep dive to gain a greater understanding about who you are, where you are now, what you want,
and how we can support you in achieving your goals, efficiently and effectively. If you access the 8-session package, I will put together a plan that is unique to
set of circumstances that we can work through and leave you feeling empowered and supported throughout the process.

As a coach, my role is to engage with you, listen actively, ask curious and open ended questions, establish short and long term goals, and follow up to keep you
accountable and on track. Prior to each coaching session you will receive a targeted questionnaire. This helps you to focus on the right mindset for the session and
allows me to prepare. This ensures our time together is highly focused, absolutely beneficial, and addresses the issues you need assistance with.

We ask that you come into each session with an open heart and mind. This allows you to gain the ample benefits this experience can bring. Because we want the
best for our clients, we only work with people who are ready to embark on the self-development journey that can transform your working life.




We have two options to suit your needs. The three session package is ideal for those who need simple clarification around personal branding, direction, accountability and empowerment.

The 8-session package is to get the full package of support. Most career changes don’t happen over a few sessions. That is why the extended 8-session package enables us to build on prior sessions and to transform your professional life.


3 Coaching Sessions

$750 + GST

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8-Session Package

$1950 + GST

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*Payment to be made within 24 hours before your 1st session.




If you are ready to invest in YOU and your career, secure your Pursuit Consulting career coaching session today.